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I am going to look into XNA But i dont know where to start. What book will you recomand? is there a site with tutorials of some kind?

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Well, the official site has plenty tutorials and samples:

And there is the Getting Started section:

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Note: I've updated the links, they now point to the 'Xbox Live Indy Games' part of the doc, which is relevant for any XNA development (Windows/Xbox360/Windows Phone 7). – jv42 Sep 17 '12 at 12:47

I've found that the Riemers tutorial is pretty helpful, at least to give you a decent starting foundation.

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The XNA Dev Center is the place to go:


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If you are making a simple 2d game, I'd recommend checking out the Flat Red Ball engine. It's a fantastic 2d engine with XBOX, PC, Windows Phone, and Silverlight compatibility. They have fantastic support. It's free. (No, I do not have any affiliation with FRB, have just been using their engine for over a year.)

XNA is a great platform, but not an engine. The XNA tutorials are great, but do not fit into an object-component model like FRB does.

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