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Many programmers use devise as their authentication solution and I would like to get their advice:

Devise is already tested, but I want to know if there is something to test by myself (integration/unit/funtionnal tests?) for a standard devise integration with my knowledge (I'm not familiar with shoulda and cucumber, but I know a bit of rspec and factory girls)

Thanks for your advices!!

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Testing the integration can be great. Because is how you integrate devise where you can do some error. Define some cucumber feature and it's OK.

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Yes Cucumber Stories for this case are the best, using the Javascript Scenario's we do also test Facebook Connect and other OAuth Services, work pretty well :)

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From the unit testing perspective, devise provides 2 helper methods

sign_in @user          # sign_in(resource)
sign_out @user         # sign_out(resource)

You might be needing them to test if your controller actions are behaving in a proper way such as not allowing you to create a post when you are not logged in.

From the Inegration testing perspective, define a bunch of cucumber steps which will do the same sign_in & sign_out something that looks like When /^I am signed in as (\w*)$/ do end and use that to do the actual navigation instead of using the rspec helpers provided by rspec.

That should be good.

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