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I use SVN as source control system and I wonder how to compare directories while ignoring any metadata differences. Is there a way to tell svn diff to compare only the actual content and ignore any metadata?

I mean metadata like SVN properties, etc, that don't affect the file content. Assume file X has an additional property in branch B compared to trunk T. Unfortunately it will show up in 'svn diff T B' even though the actual content of file X is the same.

I look for something like this:

svn diff -x -ignore-metadata --summarize

Update: I partially solved this by diff'ing directly on the filesystem instead of using the svn tools, see my own answer below..

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What do you mean by metadata? – codelogic Dec 31 '08 at 8:32
"SVN properties" is a better word to describe it. I fixed my post to clarify this.. – driAn Dec 31 '08 at 10:39
If you find a solution please post it, I'm curious how this would be done. Maybe GIT has this feature... – Rob Elsner Jan 3 '09 at 6:30

You can pass the svn diff output through 'filterdiff --clean' to remove any extraneous lines including property changes.

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Working as advertised - great! A hint for Debian / Ubuntu users: if filterdiff is not on your system, you can install it via apt-get install patchutils. – ax. Jul 18 '12 at 16:02

If you use the --summarize option, then property changes are indicated in the second rather than the first column.


M  url  -- indicates content change
 M url  -- property change
MM url  -- content and property change

a bit easier to grep, I guess you could have a two stage process if you want full diff - first use summarize to find files with content change, then diff them

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Nice tip from JosephWatkins.

Here is the command for the grep-junior-users:

svn diff A B --summarize | grep '^. '

The grep looks for a space as second character on the line.

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Sorry. It must be svn diff A B --summarize | grep -v '^ ' All Lines starting with a space must be hidden, because there where only property changes on files. – Michael Augustin Feb 19 '09 at 21:55
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There seems to be no way to get this done using the svn built-in tools. How I solved it: Export both trees and diff them diretly on the filesystem using your favourite diff tool. That's somehow the only way to get this done :/

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Here's a single command that does all this. Say you want to find all (non-property) diffs for all files in the currently dir between revision 54833 & 57215. This command should do it:

svn diff -r 54833:57215 --summarize | egrep -v '^ |^D|^A' | awk '{ print $2 }' | xargs svn diff -r 54833:57215

NB: it only diffs modified files - not added or deleted files.

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I wrote a script to do this, after I couldn't find one online.

The script removes the data based on an array of regular expressions entered at the top of the script. Currently, it is set up to filter out the properties changes, but it can remove any change that matches a series of regular expressions.

Just pipe the output of svn diff to the script, after you set the script. I put the filters in the script instead of parameters because I always run the same filters.

I released it as GPLv2.


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Found this while searching through the svn help docs

svn diff --patch-compatible

It's the same as running

svn diff --show-copies-as-adds --ignore-properties
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I'm not sure but a simple 'svn diff | grep -iv "stuff to ignore"' would be a work around.

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The whole diff comes only as a huge amount of text, I would have to manually parse it to filter out all 'svn property added'-like changes. No easy task I can get done using grep unfortunately. – driAn Jan 2 '09 at 17:06

You can set the svn:ignore property on files and directories you want svn diff to ignore.

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I don't want to ignore specific directories or files, it's about ignoring differing properties (aka metadata) of the same files. Assume file X has an additional property in branch B compared to trunk T. It will show up in svn diff even though the actual content is the same. – driAn Dec 31 '08 at 9:56

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