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I am having trouble passing my array via a $.post.

The Javascript

var privIDs = [1,2,4,5];
$.post("/Home/GrantPrivilegesToUser", { privilegeIDs: privIDs }, function (data) {
     alert("Data Loaded: " + data.success);

The Action

public ActionResult GrantPrivilegesToUser(int[] privilegeIDs)       
    return Json(new {success=true});

The action sees privilegeIDs as null. Any ideas?

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You need to set jQuery.ajaxSettings.traditional = true; for you jQuery ajax setting. In jQuery 1.4 they changed the way items are serialized in a form post.

please see:


And: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/309115/how-can-i-post-an-array-of-string-to-asp-net-mvc-controller-without-a-form/2527206#2527206

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I use JSON to pass data as a string using the JSON2 library: http://www.json.org/js.html

var privIDs = [1,2,3,4,5];
var data = JSON.stringify({privilegeIDs : privIDs});
$.POST("/Home/GrantPrivilegesToUser", data, function (data) {
   alert("Data Loaded: " + data.success);

And the action would use the WebMethod type:

public object Entry_GetFormOptions(string privilegeIDs)
   return new {success=true};

There are both built-in and 3rd party functions for parsing the received JSON to access the privilege IDs.

Let me know if this does or does not help.

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This is what I ended up doing. Might be helpful to someone...

var privIDs = [1,2,4,5];

     type: "POST",
     url: "/Home/UpdatePrivileges",
     data: { privilegeIDs: privIDs },
     traditional: true,
     success: function (json) {

If you use .ajax instead of .post you can include traditional: true

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