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I have a function in sitefinity that returns a list of categories.

//return list of categories
    private IList<ICategory> GetCategoryDataSource() {

        var cntManager = new ContentManager(CaseStudyManager.DefaultContentProvider);
        IList allCategories = cntManager.GetCategories();
        List<ICategory> filteredList = new List<ICategory>();
        foreach (ICategory category in allCategories) {


        return filteredList;

What I want to know is how to sort this list.

Categories in Sitefinity are as far as i can tell just a string, there are no other fields associated with a category. Therefore I have nothing to sort the categories on, other than appending each category with a number, like:

1 - Legal
2 - Financial
3 - Property

When these categories are displayed on the website I can then at least trim the parts i need.

Can anyone help with the sorting though?

Thanks Al

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This doesn't answer your question but you can remove your foreach / add statement and replace it with: filteredList.AddRange(allCategories) –  Dismissile Oct 26 '10 at 16:09
There are no other properties in the ICategory interface? No Id or CategoryId that you can use? return filteredList.OrderBy(x => x.CategoryId).ToList() –  Martin Oct 26 '10 at 16:10

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Use IComparer Interface

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If you name them like you mentioned, with a prefix, you can do this:




foreach (ICategory category in allCategories) 
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