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Hi Guys: I am new to android. I am developing an application in android 2.2 to identify location of user by means of any available resources (GPS , Networks etc). I have done finding location through GPS and using SIM network along with internet. Now problem is want to locate device when no GPS and no internet is available. In this case I have to implement Triangulation. I know theory of concept of triangulation but to implement is realy a biggggggg deal to me. Will any body kindly guide me to sort out the problem? I have searched the web but could not find any solution.

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This sounds insanely hard, if it is at all possible. – blindstuff Oct 26 '10 at 18:18
Triangulation still requires a signal for distance/amplitude measurement. Which signal are you hoping to triangulate based on? – Mark Peters Oct 26 '10 at 18:19
Sigmnals from cell tower. We can use getNeighbouringCellInfo() in TelephonyManager Class to know about cell towers within range. – rai Oct 26 '10 at 18:26
Knowing about nearby towers won't help. You'd have to be able to examine the signal directly as it comes off the air, pick out a time reference and use time difference of arrival to figure out where you are. Plus you'd also need to know the exact location of each tower, which isn't available from the TelephonyManager. Trust me on this: been there, done that, and got the tee shirt. You're not going to make it happen in bog stock Android. – Blrfl Oct 26 '10 at 18:48
Would you explain how to send signal to tower and picking up time reference. I mean in code. THank you – rai Oct 26 '10 at 19:09

You are re-inventing the wheel.

UPDATE: To detect you location based on cell tower(s) you need to know it's location. There are two ways to do it:

  1. Request web-service (for example goople maps). Requires internet connection.
  2. Get cell location from local database. Requires big database to be stored locally so performance is likely to be low.
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May be you are right but the idea is "if you do not have GPS and internet faculty in your device (like Nokia ,samsung etc )then the only option left to determine location is to use Triangulation". Thanks for your quick response. – rai Oct 26 '10 at 18:22
So how are you planning to obtain location of cell towers without internet access? Store database of all cells in your device? – cement Oct 26 '10 at 18:29
I can get cid , las and RSSI of cell towers around device using android but not lat long of towers. – rai Oct 26 '10 at 18:34
Without latitude and longitude of cell tower triangualtion is impossible. Unless you want to show country by MCC code :) – cement Oct 26 '10 at 18:44
Thats the issue how to find lat long of tower or if some one can tell how to calculate distance from tower. – rai Oct 26 '10 at 18:52

I think that this thread will be quite usefull for you. If I understand your needs correctly, you need a way to triangulate a certain device let's say. The LINK here provides with a way to know the Longitude and Latitude of the device, based on it's last known location (chances are the divice being connected at some point in the past to anything like GPS or some Network). This is something that you can put inside the code to determine the last known location, even if it was set 5 seconds ago by any of the above mentioned providers of such. When you collect the Longitude and Latitude data, you can pretty much know where this thing is. The next stop should be an API or Request web-service, as mentioned already (G.Maps) to pin-point the locaton on the map. If you intend of doing something similar to G.Maps -it's something HUGE the least to say. If I were you, I would use an API like that to show the location and if you want to do something ith the map image, you can take a screenshot or whatever.

I hope I helped and sorry if I didn't understand what your intentions were.


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Since your phone already does this, I would recommend looking through the source and using their method. You do realize that is one of the benefits of open source, don't you?

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I have searched since last five days. Found a lot of stuff about identifying location but not the way my app want. Thank you – rai Oct 26 '10 at 18:51

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