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i have combobox (in fact, several of them), with elements that are added dynamicly.

using jQuery, i don't know how to implement function that will return id of item i selected in combo...

i know that it have to be something using .live(), something like

$(".foo").live("change", function() {
do something;

... but i don't know how to implement it here.

tnx in adv!

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Are you looking for something like this?

$(".foo").live("change", function() {
  $(this).val(); // value of the changed item
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$(".foo").live("change", function() {
   alert($(this).attr("id")); // Id of the element
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I think this is the answer if he wanted the id of the select element but I think if you read carefully he's looking for the value of the selected option – hunter Oct 26 '10 at 18:21

Use the :selected selector on child elements of the select element (a.k.a. options)

    var val = $(".foo").find(":selected").val();
    // pass val to some other method for work

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You can use $(this).val() to find the value of the element that fired the event.

It seems others have beat me to it. Mine is the same as @John and @Daniel.

Here is a jsfiddle to test it out jsfiddle.

One thing to note is that the live does not support the change method in all browsers (such as IE 6 through 8).

One way around this is to use the delegate method, which I have demonstrated here

It would look something like:

$(parentElement).delegate(selector, 'change', function() {
    //do something interesting here
    //$(this).val() still works.
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