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After Google pioneered map-reduce the community came out with Hadoop, is there a OSS Google AppEngine project? Or, put another way: What is the best off the shelf python or java cloud software?

Specifically I'm looking for something that I could host on my own and have some sort of auto-scale feature (more frequently used apps would be replicated or something).

Is this a pipe dream? or is there something out there?

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I'm not sure what you mean by having an OSS version of Google app engine, but AppScale is an open source framework for running Google app engine apps. You'll have to provide your own cloud, however.

I think with the right technical expertise and hardware you could host this on your own. Not so sure about auto-scaling, but I'm sure there's a programmatic solution to that.

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Don't forget TyphoonAE, which is similar to AppScale. TyphoonAE does a better job of keeping current with GAE/Python then AppScale does.

Both can easily be deployed to Amazon EC2.

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