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I'm looking for the best method to work with an FTP server over an SSL connection. (Generally, pushing a file up as well as getting a list of files on the server). One requirement for this project is that I must use a client side X.509 certificate as part of the authentication process.

Can I use a client certificate using the php function ftp_ssl_connect. If so, how? The only other option I've been able to identify would be using curl to work via FTPS.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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You could use PHP's stream context functions which allow setting SSL client certificates. Use the created context with standard functions like fopen.

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Unfortunately these open a new connection for every file operation you do. There is no way to save a connection handler and reusing this multiple times to prevent drowning the server in connection attempts. –  Sfynx Mar 22 '13 at 14:04
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