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I have a .NET project which references another assembly that is built outside of the solution.

I have all of the source code to the other assembly - but I can only add it as a ".DLL" reference rather than adding the actual project as a dependency.

The problem is that when I step into the external code, the debugger "steps over" it.

How do I enable "source code" debugging for the external .NET assembly.

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If you have the dll and want to step into the binary, you would need the dll's pdb file.
About debugging .Net source in this article

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In VS2010 it is also possible to debug the raw .NET framework source code. To debug errors in the framework, check out the following site for more information: Visual Studio 2010: Debug .NET framework assemblies

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In Tools / Options / Debugging / General, there's an option called "Enable Just my code (Managed Only)". Turn it off.

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If you can have the source code open in another visual studio, once you have started you application you can attach VS to that other process. Ten you can set a breakpoint in that source code and debug from there.

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