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If I try to apply min-width, max-width to a floating div so that it expands to max-width when the right content is hidden does not work.

But, if I use table and 2 td's in it. The left td will expand to 100% if the right td is hidden.

Can I achieve this table effect with floated divs ?

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I don't think you can do what you are asking, but you can make it look like what you are asking.

Make it into two tds and put a max width on a div inside the td. Would that work?

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I may have to go that route. But, I wanted to avoid using tables for layout. – sjJNL Oct 26 '10 at 21:13
You could use JavaScript for the layout. If you use overflow:hidden you might be able to use an automatic width or something. But I would not veer away from tables just cause you don't like them. The advanced CSS can be more iffy because of IE. Perhaps edit your question and give some visual examples of what you want and you may get better answers.. I did find the question hard to understand at first. – George Bailey Oct 27 '10 at 12:39

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