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Is there any Visual Studio add-on (or windows/unix stand-alone program) that creates stub implementations in the cpp file for the functions (including class member functions) that are defined in the header file?

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I have the same problem before and now I am using trial version of Visual Assist X. The task mentioned can be done by right clicking on the method name -> Refactor -> Create Implementation and then Refactor -> Move Implementation to CPP file.

I am no Visual Assist X's affiliate or what, but this really increases my coding speed with Visual C++ dramatically.

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We use Visual Assist where I work and it does offer a lot of handy features like this. But, once your trial expires, it is not cheap, so keep that in mind. –  Patrick Johnmeyer Dec 31 '08 at 15:42

Refactor! for C++ works with Dev Studio 2005 and 2008. The free version "kind-of" let's you do this; if you type your stub method in your header file (by typing something like void Foo(int bar){} instead of void Foo(int bar);) you can then "Move method to source file."

The full version has many more features but I'm not familiar with their usage.

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Never know of this tool before. Maybe I will give it a try too. –  Gant Dec 31 '08 at 16:26

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