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Curious if there are any higher level frameworks that attempt to wrap Tkinter? For example, wxPython is wrapped by the Dabo framework (http://dabodev.com/) and PythonCard.

Motivation: We've recently moved to Python 2.7 (Windows) and are very impressed with the new ttk (Tile) support which allows one to build professional quality, platform native GUI's using the built-in Tkinter framework. In the past we would have used wxPython to create simple GUI interfaces for our command line utilities, but we're re-thinking this strategy in favor of using Tkinter/ttk for these use cases.

We're new to Tkinter (coming from wxPython) and while Tkinter/ttk seem to be simple to use, there seems to be a lot of repeated boilerplate code that we're writing. Before we try to wrap up some of our code in a home made set of classes, I want to make sure that we're not re-inventing the wheel.

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where you able to find out anything? I might be interested in building one –  Arden Nov 13 at 20:39

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The only one I knew about seems quite stale, Python megawidgets.

You can find a list of others on the Tkinter wiki.

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