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I need to retrieve Google Reader subscription list for a user in a iPhone app. I understand that there is no official API available, and I have kinda exhausted Google search already. Out of various options, the closest I have found is [http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3836445/using-json-framework-on-iphone-help/4029277#4029277], can anyone share more details - sample code etc.

@WeNeedAnswers> Yes, the OPML format is what I am looking at. But I need to retrieve that directly from my iPhone app.

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I don't know about an API, I know you can download an OPML file with all the subscriptions. The OPML file is an xml file. I'm not an iphone developer, but if I was doing it in c# I would try doing it (if there was no API) using http response request, faking log in etc. –  WeNeedAnswers Oct 27 '10 at 2:15
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I'm writing an Objective-C wrapper for iOS based apps using GoogleReader API. The project, inspired by Pyrfeed, is available at https://github.com/zimok/GoogleReaderAPI-iOS

Note that is an ALPHA, and I'm doing an hard refactoring to make it work Asynchronous and using a delegate protocol.

For now there are some base API methods available. Take a look.

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