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I need some help positioning two nav elements (2 and 3) in a subheader (1). Please, refer to the mockup.

alt text

I am really only concerned with positioning here. I want to position the daysNav (2) on the left, and opposite it, the paginationNav (3) on the right. It would also be cool if I didn't have to define a fixed height for the subheader both elements are in; instead, it'd expand and collapse automatically based on the largest height size of either element.


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post the code in your question above –  Mubeen Oct 27 '10 at 4:33

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 #subhead {overflow:hidden;}
.days-nav {float:left;}
.pagination-nav {float:right;}

<div id="subhead">

    <div class="days-nav">

    <div class="pagination-nav">

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