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I did see this question but it doesn't fully answer the question I have.

If I do this:

$obj1 = new ObjectOne();

and then this:

$obj2 = new ObjectTwo($obj1);

Where someFunction() modifies the attributes of the object passed into it, will both $obj1 and $obj2->passedInObject both in effect be updated?

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I tried the following code, and it works as expected. The var in MyObject gets incremented in the original object.

class MyObject {
     public $var;

class MyObjectTwo {
    public $objVar;
    function __construct($aObj1) {
        $this->objVar = $aObj1;

    public function someFunction() {

$obj1 = new MyObject();
$obj1->var = 5; // Originally set to 5

$obj2 = new MyObjectTwo($obj1);
echo $obj1->var; // Prints 6
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