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I'm developing an app using Eclipse IDE under linux. While developing, I'm having terminal opened, testing things under workspace/myApp/bin. For the needs of testing, I copied several files there - one txt file, one gif image. Also, several more files have been created as a result of my app.

However, today I started Eclipse, opened one terminal window and navigated to workspace/myApp/bin, only to see that image, text file and other output files are gone, leaving only .class files belonging to my app.

All my settings are unchanged, so it's a default Eclipse setup. Eclipse is 3.5.2.

It's not so important, but I'd love to know if Eclipse automatically clears those files when closing.


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Eclipse probably is clearing files when you build, and if you have set it up to "Build Automatically" then it can happen anytime when any files change.

You should not be having files in the bin (the output folder) folder anyway. The required files (images, config files,...) should be in their own "source folders". "Source folders" are automatically copied to the output folder (bin in your case).

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