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For now, I'm working with message system for my site. The message is used to send messages between member of the site. It can also be used to send a friendship invitation, etc. However, I haven't found a good database design for it. I want the message system to use a thread style, just like e-mail. But since I'm not an expert with complex database design, I cannot figure how to do so.

So far here is my design,

CREATE TABLE messages (
  message_id            BIGINT      PRIMARY KEY,
  message_date_time     TIMESTAMP   DEFAULT NOW(),
  message_subject       TEXT,
  message_body          TEXT,
  message_attachment    TEXT, -- path to attachment folder
  message_sender_id     INT, -- FK to table user
  message_sender_status INT, -- 0 = deleted by sender, 1=default (can be seen on sender outbox)

and another table...

CREATE TABLE message_recipients (
  message_id               BIGINT, -- FK to table messages
  message_recipient_id     INT,    -- FK to table user
  message_recipient_status INT,    -- 0=deleted from recipient inbox, 1=new message, 2=read

I believe I need another table to store the link between message, thats' why I need these

CREATE TABLE message_reply (
  message_id        BIGINT, -- FK to table messages
  message_to_reply  BIGINT, -- FK to table messages

But those tables only make me hard to query and handle on my PHP page. I only want the user can observe the source e-mail and the reply (like GMAIL or Facebook's Wall)...
Any better advice?

Additional description

I want the message can be sent to many recipient. But once it sent, it cannot be modified. Let's say I sent a message to X, Y, and Z. When X reply, there will be a message from X in my inbox. And if Z reply, there will be a message from Z in my inbox, with same subject with X (e.g. RE: subject of my first mail). When I choose X's message, there will be X's message, followed by my first message. If I choose to sent X a reply, X will receive a message contains my reply, her reply, and my first message. Whether I reply Z or Z reply me again, that will be another matter from X. X cannot see what Z wrote and on the other hand, Z cannot see the conversation between me and X. Complicated isn't it? That's why i on the verge of death because of these matter. Sigh -_-,


Thank you

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if the message is sent by 1 person and only received by 1 person, you dont need a link-table you juse do:

- message_id
- recipient_id -> links to user.user_id
- sender_id -> links to user.user_id

- userid

if the message can be a reply to another message, just add a field to the message itself to say that it is a reply to:

- parent_id -> message.message_id, or null if it isn't a reply.

this is a pretty easy setup, it isn't optimal if you are going to extend it a lot but this works pretty simple.

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What happens if a sender puts a message into his trash? With this database design, the message will be placed into the trash for both the sender and the recipient. Would there be a need to keep two records of a message, one for the sender and the other for the recipient? Or perhaps a joined table to keep track of this? –  Bug Magnet Apr 7 '11 at 4:20

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