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does anyone know how I can configure my rails model, which is using paperclip for data storage, to use creation date based directories like for example in fleximage ??

At present I'm using:

has_attached_file :bookblock, :path => "#{CONF['storage_path']}bookblock/:id_partition/:style.:content_type_ehas_attached_filextension"

but what I need is something like this

has_attached_file :bookblock, :path => "#    {CONF['storage_path']}bookblock/:created_at_year/:created_at_month/:created_at_day/:c:id_partition/:style.:content_type_ehas_attached_filextension"

a simple :created_at in the directory path would also help


Thanx in advance,


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You can add your own interpolations to Paperclip. To give a simple example:

Paperclip.interpolates :year do |attachment, style|

Now you can use :year in the :path option like this:

has_attached_file :bookblock, :path => "#{CONF['storage_path']}bookblock/:year/:id/:style.:content_type_ehas_attached_filextension"

You could define three interpolations: :year, :month and :day, or just one that returns the whole year/month/day string.

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thanx a lot ;) now that I know the name "interpolation", I could find everything on : github.com/thoughtbot/paperclip/wiki/Interpolations –  Alexander Bierbrauer Dec 13 '10 at 15:47

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