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I'm using QSettings to store some data as ini file in Windows. I want to see the ini file, but I don't know what is the location of the ini file.

This is my code:

QSettings *set = new QSettings(QSettings::IniFormat, QSettings::UserScope, "bbb", "aaa");
set->setValue("size", size());
set->setValue("pos", pos());

Where do I have to look? Or may be I miss the code which write it to the file? When does the QSettings write its values?

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To print out the exact location of your settings file use method fileName method of QSettings class.

QSettings settings("folderName", "fileName");
qDebug() << settings.fileName();

Console output looks then like:

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I think you'll find everything you're looking for here :

It's plateform specific, see under :

Platform-Specific Notes Locations Where Application Settings Are Stored

You can store Settings in files as well :

QSettings settings("/home/petra/misc/myapp.ini",
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If you create a QSettings without giving any specific path, the ini file will be located in the application path.

QSettings Settings("myapp.ini", QSettings::IniFormat);
Settings.setValue("Test", "data");

qDebug() << QApplication::applicationDirPath();

Be careful though : the application path might change : for instance, if you are developping your app with Qt Creator, in debug mode, the application path is in the /debug subfolder.

If you are running it in release mode, the application path is in the /release subfolder.

And when your application is deployed, by default, the application path is in the same folder as the executable (at least for Windows).

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I'm not sure that this really works, I've tried it but I could not find the settings in the application path. – Lirik Jan 10 '13 at 16:05

QSettings save location changes to the QSettings.Scope enum. QSettings save to the Local scope by default. On Linux, I found my local settings in:


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Yes! This is what I wanted to know - QSettings settings; - without any paths. Like was here: – Tomasz Gandor Mar 16 at 22:52

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