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I'm looking to detect the ALT key in PyGame, but every time I press it, it will bring up the menu that you normally get if you click the icon at the upper left of the window (Restore, Maximize, etc).

How do I get PyGame to recognise the keypress, rather than the window?

many thanks

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The only solution i could think of is pygame.event.set_grab(True) to grab all input. http://www.pygame.org/docs/ref/event.html (Check the comments for the keycodes)

I don’t know if this blocks alt+tab and/or multimedia buttons, too, so you should preoceed with caution.

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Thanks, it played up when I tried it - messed around with the mouse. Looks like it is not very easy to use the ALT key under PyGame :( –  RedCap Nov 2 '10 at 2:30

I hope that will help because I can detect the ALT-key without any unwished effects:

import pygame as p
from pygame.locals import *
screen = p.display.set_mode((100,100))
run = True
while run == True:
   for i in p.event.get(): 
      if i.type == p.QUIT:#click x
         run = False
      if i.type == KEYDOWN:#2
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