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I started implementation of android live wallpaper, following the examples and tutorials found on the internet, and I can't include png background as wallpaper. Also checked with similar problems here, and still can't make it work.

This is the code:

public class LiveWallpaper extends WallpaperService {

    /* IDs of recurces needed for animations*/
    private SurfaceHolder holder;
    private static final String TAG = "MyActivity";

    public void onCreate() {

    public void onDestroy() {

    public Engine onCreateEngine() {
        return new WallpaperEngine();

    class WallpaperEngine extends Engine {
    public final Runnable mDrawWallpaper = new Runnable(){
         public void run(){

    public void onCreate(SurfaceHolder surfaceHolder){
        holder = getSurfaceHolder();


    void drawWallpaperContent(Canvas c, int resourceId){
        Bitmap decodeResoure = BitmapFactory.decodeResource (getResources(), resourceId);
        c.drawBitmap(decodeResoure, 0, 0, null);

    void drawWallpaper(){
        final SurfaceHolder holder = getSurfaceHolder();
        Canvas c = null;
            c = holder.lockCanvas();

            drawWallpaperContent(c, R.drawable.wallpaper);

        private void loadImagesIntoMemory(int resourceId){
        Resources res = getResources();
        BitmapFactory.decodeResource(res, resourceId);

        public void onDestroy(){

Bitmap is stored in drawable folder, and the version of android sdk is 2.2. After launching the live wallpaper, I only get 'Loading Wallpaper' without showing the wallpaper image.

Does anyone knows what could be the problem?

Thank you. Dj.

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I struggled with a similar problem, c.drawColor(0xff000000); before drawing the bitmap was the solution for me.

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