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My domain is http://www.somename.com.

I want if an user type {path to website}/index.php, it should redirect him to {site name}

basically I want to remove that index.php from the URL.

and one more thing, it should work both for {www.sitename} {sitename}

any idea is greatly appreciable.

Thanks in advance.

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This rule should do it:

RewriteRule ^index\.php$ / [L,R=301]
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Thanks for this cool oneliner ;) –  Deepak Ranjan Jena Oct 27 '10 at 12:09
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Redirect permanent /index.php /

Note: you generally don't want to have a site available on both www and www-less hostnames. Pick one, and have the other variant redirect to it. This will let search engines know for sure they're the same site and not split reputation between them.

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Thats a good point..thanks... –  Deepak Ranjan Jena Oct 27 '10 at 12:10
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