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I am trying to run punjab connection manager with very less python knowledge. I followed the punjab docs and can start the application. But how do I stop/restart it ?

twistd -y punjab.tac

starts punjab first time but after that if I enter the same command , it says

Another twistd server is running, PID 3726.

Precisely I want to set the host and port options for punjab using the command line and restart it again. Please help. Thanks

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A server started with twistd is stopped in the somewhat typical UNIX fashion: send it a signal - INT is a good first choice:

kill -INT 3726

This should initiate shutdown. You can check in the log file, generally twistd.log in the same directory as you started the server.

Since the PID of the running process is tracked in (again, same directory), you can also grab that information directly from the file instead of having to type (and perhaps mistype) it:

kill -INT `cat`
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thanks. that worked. – naiquevin Oct 27 '10 at 13:05

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