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I had a look into the following posts on stack overflow

  1. Posting on twitter/facebook from my site using jQuery

  2. jQuery plugin to post updates on Twitter?

  3. Using only JQuery to update Twitter (OAuth)

but with no success...

The question is i am having a website that gives cricket score updates ball by ball,schedule, news etc..

And i want to post the updates in my website(scores,schedule,news) in twitter i am using codeigniter framework in my site development and the data need to be posted in twitter will fetched from mysql database..

any help on this would do a great help for me

Thanks in advance

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So you want to connect your CodeIgniter app to Twitter?

You need to write code that accesses the Twitter API, or use an existing library that does that for you like:

It may also be useful to read this:

which deals with Oauth now that Twitter have disabled basic authentication.

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