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I have a property file which is not located in a classpath in Maven.

Therefore I can't reach it with:


How can I add the folder containing the property file to the classpath, so it will be available during build and test of the project?

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Just add the file into the resources folder under src/main maven project. i did that and works like a charm.

hope it helps

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+1 worked for me too. –  cbmeeks Jun 28 '13 at 19:39

Under the task you can add a set of resources and testResources like so:



They also allow you to define exclusion and inclusion rules. This is very powerful for a legacy code base but for new code bases, you should follow the maven's standard directory layout to avoid lots of custom definitions in your POM files.

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The best is to put that file under correct location in Maven like either src/main/resources and/or src/test/resources depending where it will be needed.

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Or, if you really don't like Maven's enforcement of certain directories, use this plugin to add your own directory to the classpath as generated by "mvn eclipse:eclipse":


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