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How can I take the text from a textarea (html) and insert line breaks. Right now, if I input info to send out as an e-mail, it puts all the text on the same line without any line breaks.

Using $_POST['field'] to get the data from the form and sending using PHP mail.

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use \n for new line, or \r\n for return followed by new line


printf("This is the first line. \n");
printf("This is the second line");

ie. to replace
html tag with newline:

str_replace ('<br>' , '\r\n', $_POST['field'])

alternativly set the email you are sending out to be html encoded (add html header)

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Use nl2br() function. It replaces all newlines within a string with html br tags.

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In php, replace \n with html br tag,

$newTxt = str_replace("\n",'<br>',$txt) 

or nl2br() will serve your purpose.

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