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I want to get an 'event' before tomcat stops my web application.
My application needs to "wrap up" stuff before it is being closed.

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how are you starting / stopping it? What OS? What does "Wrap up" mean? Is that java code that needs to be executed? –  theman_on_vista Dec 31 '08 at 16:32
I need to send a message (using simple UDP socket) to nitify that the application is being stopped. I'm running tomcat in Linux (Ubuntu). yes, my application is Java servlet based application. –  Yonatan Maman Dec 31 '08 at 21:36

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A servlet that does nothing but respond to destroy() is functional but a bit of a hack. Servlets are meant to handle web requests.

The proper thing to do is to implement a ServletContextListener and do your wrap up stuff in the contextDestroyed() method.

Register your ServletContextListener in web.xml like:

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You can write a ContextListener that responds to deploy/undeploy events. Maybe you can have it sends an email when the context is undeployed.

I'm just not sure if that event is fired if the app server is stopped.

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I think I found it, I created a servlet and implemented the

public void destory();

I verified that this method is invoked when I stop the application from the tomcat admin page, and even when I shut-down tomcat server

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