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If you click on the click here to order button here: http://www.game onglove.com/ gog/ test3.html, and then click the same button on the lightboxed window that pops up, an ajax request will run using $.post().

You can hit "continue shopping" to return to the previous lightboxed window to quickly start over.

If I execute the jquery code here in the console (chrome or firefox), then it works properly. It just won't work from where it is in the source code:

$('#cboxLoadingGraphic').ajaxStart(function() {
}).ajaxStop(function() {

Why will it work from the console, but not in its current location in the source? How do I get this to work?

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That element's getting created later, you have to bind after it's created, or a bit simpler just bind the handler to document from the start:

$(document).ajaxStart(function() {
}).ajaxStop(function() {
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Thank you! Worked perfectly. I tried using "document" last night and kept wondering why my browser insisted on loading the next page outside of the lightbox. All I forgot to do was use "#cboxLoadingGraphic" instead of "this" which I realized as soon as I saw your post. :) –  Lauren Oct 27 '10 at 14:34

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