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I have an html that has a lot of the following:

<TD CLASS="broke"> - WF-1234567 -  </TD>
<TD CLASS="broke"> - WF-1111111 -  </TD>
<TD CLASS="broke"> - WF-7654321 -  </TD>

I want to make a javascript bookmarklet to replace all the 7-digit numbers with a hyperlink. How does one do this?

My attempt with many things wrong....

var match=new RegExp("(- WF-....... - Review)","ig");
var x = document.getElementsByClassName("broke").innerHTML;
x=x.replace(match,<a href="www.blah.com/"+7digitSubsetofMatch>7digitlink</a>);
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/WF-(\d{7})/ the number will be in $1 javascriptkit.com/jsref/regexp.shtml –  mplungjan Oct 27 '10 at 16:01

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getElementsByClassName returns a list, not a single item with innerHTML available. you'll have to iterate over the list and handle each item individually.


var elements = document.getElementsByClassName("broke");

for (var j = 0; j < elements.length; j++) {

to find and replace the number, you'll need to adjust your regex grouping- right now you're capturing a larger string without a way to get the digits. you do this by moving the parentheses to immediately surround the number

    var pattern = new RegExp("WF-(\\d+)", "ig");
    var match = elements[j].innerHTML.match(pattern);

if you had a successful match, then match[0] will be the whole string matched and match[1] will be the digits

you can't write literal html in javascript- it has to be a string.

    var x = elements[j].innerHTML.replace(match[1],
        '<a href="www.blah.com/' + match[1] + '">' + match[1] + '</a>');

then you cna replace your original html.

    elements[j].innerHTML = x;


I don't know what your last line does but it seems unnecessary.

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Good answer Hulk Hogan –  Drew Oct 27 '10 at 17:48

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