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im searching for a complete command line tool or even better a python wrapper to manipulate and retrieve image metadata.

i tried pyexiv2 which is very nice but i cant register a new namespace like 'XMP.imageapp.uuid' (maybe im missing something and i would be glad to hear a solution for that.)

with the command line tool exiv2 i can't read a single value for a key. so if im searching for Xmp.dc.subject i have to get all the xmp data and grep the value. (not that nice)
with exiv2 i can register my namespace like: exiv2 -M 'reg imageapp' -M'set Xmp.imageapp.uuid asdfasd' 1.jpg

but then i have problems because sometimes (couldn't find when and where) it sets an xmptag 'Xmp.imageapp_1_.uuid' and i have problems deleting it because as soon as i delete it, another tag appears in form 'Xmp.imageapp_1_1.uuid'

i would prefer to use a python tool because my app is written in python. does anyone know how to register a new namespace with pyexiv2 or does anyone know whats best to use for my case?


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