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I have a problem to find a way to save an image created with RMagick in a paperclip attachment.

imageList = Magick::ImageList.new
imageList.new("images/apple.gif", "images/overlay.png")
picture = imageList.flatten_images

I am in a model that have an attached file

has_attached_file :picture, :url => ..., :path => ...

and i just want my image returned by imageList.flatten_images to be saved as the picture of my model.

Does anyone know how to do it easily please?


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Let's see if that's what you need

picture = imageList.flatten_images
file = Tempfile.new('my_picture')
YourModel.create(:picture => file, ...)

Changing 'YourModel' with the model you are using...

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I had to change the my_picture to end with .jpg for the processing to work. Thanks! –  miccet Oct 18 '11 at 10:19

You should force the extension on TempFile.new; in this case I pull the original image from S3 or some such, this is happening in the model of course:

orig_img = Magick::ImageList.new(self.photo.url(:original))

#process image here

# Force extension with array form:
file = Tempfile.new(['processed','.jpg'])
self.photo = file
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