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I would like to know if any tools exist to enable pair programing activities between a developer and non developer expert in the related field.

An example of such a tool could be an IDE plugin that would require a plain language description of functions/methods inline with their arguments. This plugin could then render a section of code as a series of plain language place holders that could be displayed in a seperate frame/window on the page. The developer may see "Account.ItemCollection.AddItem(Item);" but the domain expert could see instead: "Add the Item to the Item's that the Account owns.".

A different way to word this, are there tools that exist that would allow a programer to partner with a domain expert and allow the domain expert to view a simple psudo code style version of the function currently being worked on?

If such tools exist I do not know what category they are labled under. I am having trouble even finding results in google that approximate what I am looking for.

I am not asking about UML or diagraming tools. I am specifically asking about a tool that would help a non developer understand bits and pieces of implemented functions/methods.

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You can do it with the documentation. I mean, the non-dev write a comment like javadoc, so in plain text and just have to put a name like public void foo(); and the dev will do it –  ykatchou Oct 27 '10 at 16:16

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May I offer another way to approach your problem?

This doesn't answer your question directly, but I wonder if you could solve your problem using Behavior Driven Development.

Your domain expert and developer could write the scenarios together (a common format is "Given/When/Then") and the developer could implement the code (or drive the tool that automates some of the code, if you are using one) and explain as they go. Often the resultant code is similar enough to the natural language in the scenario that your domain expert might be able to understand some of it.

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This is a great answer , But I believe that this is not really a different approach but exactly what the OP has asked for ( without specific SW links ). You gave him the definition ( or name ) he wanted .. ;-) –  Obmerk Kronen Mar 20 at 1:19

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