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i just want to know that is it possible that can we detect lip movement in a video using java....the exact thing is that i m looking to do a project in which we can zoom in at a position using a camera where there is some lip movement (or voice) in a frame of video...pleae tell me is it possible.....advice expected please reply asap

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If any sort of data analysis can be done by a program, it can be done in Java. There is nothing especially in Java to address this issue, so you'd have to design and program it yourself or use outside libraries. – David Thornley Oct 27 '10 at 19:37

No mainstream programming language has built-in support for detecting lip movement; you'd need an external library to do that with Java. A good place to start would be the Stack Overflow question on facial recognition libraries.

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There are answers for this at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2154861/c-or-java-library-for-gesture-recognition-from-webcam, but yes, it surely is possible.

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