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This is installed on a Unix system I don't have direct access to, but can get insight on by sitting with a network team.

The problem is this, I have 3 folders I need access to, read and write. The problem is, I only have access to 1 of them, and only read. This is via ColdFusion, I can get into them fine with the user they are assigned to (and the CF server runs on, which is the "www" user).

I CAN read and write to the temporary file directory, the place files are stored before they are moved to the destination directory (SERVER-INF/ etc etc etc), but that's not helpful. I have tried having the network people set the permissions for the other folders to the same thing, but with no results. The current settings of the folder I can access are rwxrws--- and the other folders are rwxrwxr-x, so I should have more permissions ( the "s" is not a mistake in the first folder).

We have tried setting the other folders to 777 and we did not even get read capability. Does the server need to be restarted on a Unix box after setting new permissions for ColdFusion to be able to get to them? I'm out of ideas right now, I'll take any new suggestions.


All using ColdFusion

temp directory - can read and write to

folder 1 - can read from (including subdirectories) folder 2 - cannot read or write to (permission denied) folder 3 - cannot read or write to (permission denied)

Goal: Get upload functionality working.

Edit: Server using apache

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Just a random guess... Have you checked that paths you are trying to access are fully correct? They should be absolute for file operations, and www user must have X permissions on the all path directories -- to enter them.

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The problem ended up being a restart was required after setting the new folder permissions. We didn't think this was an issue on a Unix box, however ColdFusion apparently did. This worked.

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