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I have a 3rd party app that is generating an executable for me, but it's putting its own name into the "File description" and "product name" details of the executable.

When I sign these with authenticode, it causes the user prompt to show the 3rd party app name rather than my own, even though it's signed with my company's certificate.

Is there a way to modify this from the command line, using some msbuild task? I know there are tasks that do this before compilation -- but in this case, I'm not compiling, and all I have is the finalized executable.

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Is this a .NET app? –  heavyd Oct 27 '10 at 23:48
@heavyd: No, or if it is, it's wrapped in some obfuscation/virutalization/compression tech. The app I'm using is Innovartis Packager++, it's generating an executable that installs database schema. –  gregmac Oct 28 '10 at 3:40

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I did figure this out, using Verpatch.

verpatch.exe myexe.exe /s description "New description" /s product "New product name"
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