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I have a JUnit test case where I'm expecting a particular method call to take a long time (over a minute). I want to

  1. Make the method call.
  2. Make sure the method call takes at least a minute and have a JUnit assertion fail if it doesn't.
  3. Then kill the method call (assuming it took more than a minute as it should) because it could take a really long time.

How do I do this?

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You can write a class implementing runnable that wraps around the method of interest; assuming spawning threads is allowed.

public class CallMethod implements Runnable
   //time in milli
   public long getStartTime()
     return startTime;

   //time in milli
   public long getEndTime()
     return endTime;

   public void run()
       startTime = ...;
       endTime = ...;

Then in your JUnit you can do something like:

public void testCase1()
  CallMethod call = new CallMethod();
  Thread t = new Thread(call);
  t.join(60000); // wait one minute

  assertTrue(t.alive() || call.getEndTime() - call.getStartTime() >= 60000);

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