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What is the state of maturity of javascript on these platforms? Is safe write a prototype app and trust that it'll work on all of these devices without headaches?

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Probably not... –  Falmarri Oct 27 '10 at 21:08

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Both Android and iOS devices use a WebKit based browser, so the Javascript support is relatively mature compared to other phones. The new Blackberry Torch also has a WebKit based browser and its Javascript speeds are tremendously better than the old BB browsers. WP7 uses a newer version of IE, but I haven't read much else about it.

Some advice: It isn't safe to assume anything when programming Javascript that you want to work properly in all the different mobile browsers (sadly the same could be said about desktop browsers).

I know each of these devices provide an emulator you can test on (iOS is Mac only), so I suggest booting them all up if you really want to make sure your web application works on each of them.

Here is another SO question that you might want to look at if you are using any kind of events on your mobile application

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