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My application structure:

  • /application
    • /models
      • ShoppingCart.php
    • /modules
      • /orders
        • /models
          • Order.php

I want to create a module application so in my application.ini I put:

resources.frontController.moduleDirectory = APPLICATION_PATH "/modules"

resources.modules[] = ""

Basically my Application_Model_ShoppingCart for my main application needs the Orders_Model_Order to place an order:

class Application_Model_ShoppingCart
 static public $mCartId;

 function __construct()
  #$this->OrderModel = new Orders_Model_Order();

class Orders_Model_Order
 function __construct()
  $this->PP_Session = Zend_Registry::get('PP_Session');


But I keep getting a fatal error:

Fatal error: Class 'Orders_Model_Order' not found in .. /application/models/ShoppingCart.php on line 13

I keep trying different things but it still doesnt include this module with the autoloader. Is there something I should be doing?

Thanks in advance.

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Two possible solutions.

Add in application.ini:

autoloaderNamespaces[] = 'Application_'

or add module bootstrap:

// /application/modules/orders/Boostrap.php
class Orders_Bootstrap extends Zend_Application_Module_Bootstrap {}

and put your Order_Model_Order models to:

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The first solution didnt work but once I added a Orders_Bootstrap (which zf create module DOES NOT create automatically) it worked. Thanks buddy I was totally hitting a wall on this one. –  marko.vujo Oct 28 '10 at 15:11
@marko This is kind of the tricky one, you have to create it manually. I always forget about it too. –  takeshin Oct 28 '10 at 19:06

I think the class must be named:

class Application_Orders_Model_Order
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