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Here 's my code snippet

import gtk, webkit
window = gtk.Window()
browser = webkit.WebView()
url = ""

Now I wanna get the web page title, script tags inside. So how can I do that ?

The documentation is not clear at these points and I only found documentation for Objective-C and I am trying to find my way there. Please if you know where can I get a better reference not necessarily for Python. C, C++ would be fine also.


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The C documentation can be found at and there is a Python HOWTO at – ptomato Oct 28 '10 at 16:11

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I think the following should work (I can't try it out right now):

def title_changed(widget, frame, title):
    print title

browser.connect('title-changed', title_changed)

There is some documentation here and here and two examples in the demo directory from the source tarball.

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It is not bound to the technology used to retrieve the html. Once browser has opened it, just parse the html with beautiful soup or anything that supports XPath for example.

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