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From the command line, I want to create an at job to run a mysql query. As you can imagine searching on google or here stackoverflow for "at" is difficult.

This works fine and the query runs like it ought to:

mysql -e 'MY QUERY;'

but if I do this:

at 17:30 mysql -e 'MY QUERY;'

At 5:30 I get a mail that tells me "UPDATE: command not found" and the query doesn't run. I set up a .my.cnf file already. Is there something else I'm forgetting?

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I believe you have a shell escape issue. The shell is likely eating the quotes. Try double quoting like so:

at 17:30 mysql -e "\"MY QUERY;\""
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Thank you. I have a related question I'll ask next. –  pg. Oct 28 '10 at 21:52

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