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I was browsing through some interview questions and stumbled upon this. It got me tearing my hair apart.

Does anyone know how to implement a stack using queue?.

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Here's a question dealing with using two queues: stackoverflow.com/questions/688276/… –  eldarerathis Oct 28 '10 at 2:01

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push: insert the element into the back of the queue.

pop: remove an element from the front, insert it immediately in the back, repeat N-1 times, where N is the size of the queue, then remove the last element and return it.

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I refreshed the page right before I started answering only to find this answer posted already =( Good job! =) –  BeemerGuy Oct 28 '10 at 2:07

Version A:


enqueue in queue1


while size of queue1 is bigger than 1, pipe dequeued items from queue1 into queue2 dequeue and return the last item of queue1, then switch the names of queue1 and queue2

Version B:


enqueue in queue2 enqueue all items of queue1 in queue2, then switch the names of queue1 and queue2


deqeue from queue1

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