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This question came up on the etherpad-open-source-discuss mailing list and I thought it would be useful to have it here.

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Just construct a URL like so and fetch it:


That will get the live, plaintext contents of http://dtherpad.com/foo

For example, in PHP you can grab it with


Note that that's just the "export to plain text" link that's provided in the Import/Export menu of every pad.

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Argh, John McLear updated this for the latest version of Etherpad (thank you!) but someone else rejected it and now it's not letting me accept it. –  dreeves May 26 '13 at 20:24

A few other possibilities:

  • From a browser, you can hit http://your-etherpad-server.com/ep/pad/view/padId/latest?pt=1
  • From within the code of the collaborative editor (ace2_inner.js), use rep.alltext
  • Within the Etherpad's javascript, use pad.text for the most recent version of pad.getRevisionText(rev.revNum) for a specified previous revision.
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It seems that the javascript functions mentioned by Ari in his response are no longer present in the current versions of Etherpad as implemented on sites like http://etherpad.mozilla.org

However you can now simply use the following javascript function, within eherpad's javascript to get the text of the latest revision

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You can get the plaintext content of etherpad using jQuery as:

        var padId = 'examplePadIntense';//Id of the div in which etherpad lite is integrated
        var epframeId = 'epframe'+ padId;
        var frameUrl = $('#'+ epframeId).attr('src').split('?')[0];
        var contentsUrl = frameUrl + "/export/txt";
        jQuery.get(contentsUrl, function(data) {
            var textContent = data;
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