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I have an XBAP application which is approximately 1.3MB in size. I have tried to get the size of the application down to as small as possible but have dependencies on the WPF Toolkit amongst other things and am limited there.

Currently I am experiencing slow start ups in the following areas:

  • Initial Download (probably application size)
  • Second Application run, takes a while to check version before application starts
  • Application startup (Loading data & rendering)

What things can I do to get better startup performance for my XBAP application?

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In the end I managed to improve startup times by modifying the following areas:

  • Asynchronous data loading after application startup.
  • Splitting the larger DLLs into separate download groups and then downloading them asynchronously after application startup.

For anyone else interested in the second point you can read this overview on click-once download groups .

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how do you accomplish Asynchronous data loading –  Mussammil Dec 26 '13 at 6:34

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