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I'm trying to get MailItem.To .CC and .From and from what I've read it's supposed to be a semicolon delimited string.

I'm looking for "john@x.com;jane@x.com" but i'm getting back "John Smith;Jane Smith"

which is funny because the outlook address book does not contain any contacts so the name is coming from the john smith<john@x.com> format of the email.

How to i get around this? I found the MailItem.Recipients but i need to know if it's a CC or not. Do I just have to check against the CC property?

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Try this code

item = inspector.CurrentItem as MailItem;

foreach (Recipient recipient in item.Recipients)
                if (recipient.Type == (int)OlMailRecipientType.olTo)
                    //Do something
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I ended up finding a solution (dont remember what it was though) but this is a much better solution. Thanks. –  DustinDavis Jul 19 '11 at 19:58

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