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ps: I'm novice with hibernate search

This is the morning question. I got one application running with gwt+hibernate. I need to add hibernate search in the application.

I took care of this application but all the system was already in place and running.

I can see on the entity level, that no @id annotation is used to define the pk of the entity. I would like to know if this is something used for hibernate-search.

Because I just added @indexed to one entity. I can always run the app but there there is an issue when i try to update the entity using the application. (there is a rollback during the transaction that save the entity).

Is it possible that's only because missing annotations.

Thanks in advance :-)

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I didn't do the first big indexation of all the existing data in the db. I don't know if that matter... –  AbstractMan Oct 28 '10 at 7:27

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It would have helped if you posted the stacktrace.

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