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How do I change the JRE (for example, to go from a from 64bit to 32bit version) that is used to run ant from inside eclipse?

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I am not sure that you can do that in a global way. However, it is possible to choose your JRE when you run Ant on a specific project:

Go in the Properties of your project, then select Builders and Ant Builder. In the properties for this builder, go in the JRE tab, and choose an Separate JRE.

Another solution is to specify the JRE used directly in your build.xml file.

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The Ant Builder did not exist for me. If so you can do an Import and import the build.xml. – Saad Farooq Nov 18 '12 at 18:24
  • From the menu, choose Run -> External Tools -> External Tools Configurations (or use the equivalent toolbar button toolbar button)
  • Select your Ant Build
  • Click the JRE tab (external tools tabs ), click Separate JRE and pick the required JRE
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