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HIi friends,

i working on a IPhone Web App as its kinda new to me, have studied some basics of JQuery,

i want to get the form value in one view and to return to next view,i have tried this one,

$("button:#Get").click(function () {



it works with JQuery but not in JQTouch.

Any Ideas People,

Thank u,

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jQTouch isn't essentially very different from a normal jQuery Js-based app. If you can set ID's on your form elements you can access them the usual way.


  1. Go to the demo at http://www.jqtouch.com/preview/demos/main with a WebKit based desktop browser, click "User Interface' -> 'Forms' and open up your developer tools.

  2. Type something into the topmost text field. Now go to the console in the developer tools and write $('#some_name'). You should see a normal jQuery node.

  3. Type $('#some_name').val(). You will see the text you typed in (2).

Try some more experiments, you'll see that it works much the same as a normal jQuery-based web app.

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This is just a guess:

$("#Get").click(function() {
  $('#msg').html( $('#specificInputfield').val() );

I think you need to specify which value of which input field you want to select, because your current selector will select all text input fields.

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Thanks but,i have tried to pass specific textBox value even it not works,i want u notice that i m using JQTouch? –  Karthikeyan Oct 28 '10 at 9:29

Have you tried 'tap' instead of 'click'?

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