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I have a function which uses MSXML to post an XML document which yesterday started failing despite no change being made to the code. The function is as follows:

Public Function PostFile(ByVal address As String, ByVal data As Byte()) As xmldocument
    Dim response As New XmlDocument

    Dim xmlDoc As New MSXML2.DOMDocument

        xmlDoc.load(data)"post", address, False)

        If xmlHTTP.responseXML.xml <> String.Empty Then
            Return response
            Dim result As String = "<NO_Response><Error>the post succeeded to " + address + " but there was no responce returned</Error><Hint>Check FireWall Settings</Hint></NO_Response>"
            Return response
        End If

    Catch ex As Exception
        'Error logging code removed

    End Try
    Return Nothing
End Function

The XML document and the address being passed in are both correct - the line which causes the error is xmlHTTP.send(xmlDoc). I have tried this on 2 different machines with the same error each time and have also tried resinstalling MSXML3, with no success.

The exception thrown is:

InnerException: Nothing 
Message:        "The system cannot locate the resource specified. "
Source:         "msxml3.dll"    
StackTrace:     "   at MSXML2.XMLHTTPClass.send(Object varBody)    at comms.HTTPHandler.PostFile(String address, Byte[] data) in D:\SCC\Main\Sender\Http.vb:line 42"
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It turned out to be a networking issue - I didn't suspect this at first as the error was raised so quickly which didn't suggest an issue with the endpoint. The problem was with a rule which had been added (don't ask why) to the firewall preventing communication with the destination address.

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up! just cause it saved me unnecessary debugging – idanshmu Jan 7 at 16:23
Thanks for leading me in the right direction. The error message initially made me think I was going to have to trouble shoot the permissions to the COMS object itself. But, the error just meant the xmlhttp object wasn't able to connect to the url successfully. – WWC Aug 24 at 16:13

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