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I have recently switched back to IntelliJ from Eclipse and one thing I am struggling with is the auto complete, especially when declaring Collections. *This is not a question about which IDE is better its just a question on how to perform a task if that task is possible *

In IntelliJ I type

List<String> listOfNames = new ArrayL  (then key stroke **Alt Ctrl Space**)

I get

List<String> listOfNames = new ArrayList

Which saves me typing three letters, not a great saving I am sure you will agree

If I use Eclipse and use the key stroke Ctrl Space on

List<String> listOfNames = new Ar

I get this result including the generics

List<String> listOfNames = new ArrayList<String>()

I am sure I am missing something like a keystroke I can't find or a plugin I need to add.


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Man, why was this question downvoted? I came here looking for an answer to this exact question, and came away happy to find a solution. +1 from me. – Caffeine Coma Feb 24 '11 at 21:23
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List<String> listOfNames = new //be aware of the space after new

and press crtl+shift+spacebar, magic happens!

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Thanks, that was easy, I was using ctrl alt space instead of ctrl shift space (this is getting tricky switching between mac and pc) – Shawn Vader Oct 28 '10 at 10:26

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